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Grand Capital awarded as Top Investment Service Provider

On January 11th, 2020, at the seminar in Mombasa, Kenia, the international association of traders and the media holding Sand & Away awarded Grand Capital as the best provider of copy trading in the country.

After the event, Goutam Das (Director of Development in Africa) with other Grand Capital experts spoke at the local radio station Sauti Ya Pwani FM that covers economic, political and social topics. At the interview the experts talked about the best market segments to invest in, as well as about financial market trading opportunities with Grand Capital.

The cutting-edge copy trading platform RAMM—an automated system that allows newcomers to make huge profits by mirroring orders placed by professional traders—was highly appreciated by Sand & Away and earned Grand Capital the title of the best copy trading service provider in Africa

Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:

«We are really grateful to Sand & Away for rating our work so highly! For the past three years, we have been engaged in educational activity across Africa with the focus on combating financial illiteracy, and now we’re very happy to see the positive feedback from both traders and experts.»

The portfolio of Grand Capital continues to expand with new awards, which only motivates us to work harder towards new progress. Stay tuned to see our next achievements.

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