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PayOp: make a deposit using any bank card

PayOp is the latest addition to our list of payment options which allows making deposits using bank cards issued by practically any country in the world.

Denis Kulagin, Head of International Development:

“Grand Capital is an international company, so the universal accessibility of our services is very important to us. Thanks to PayOp, clients can make deposits into their accounts practically from anywhere in the world, using only their bank cards. It saves time and allows to get access to the financial markets very quickly.”

PayOp means:

  • Compensation of deposit fees;
  • 40% bonus for all deposits into Standard and Swap Free accounts;

Deposit and get bonus

To deposit with PayOp:

  1. Go to your Private Office;
  2. Select PayOp in the Deposit tab;
  3. Select an account to make a deposit into and specify the amount and the currency, fill in the required fields and click Transfer funds.
  4. Choose Bank card from the available payment options;
  5. Enter your bank card details;
  6. The funds will be transferred to your account.

PayOp receives payments in over 150 countries with over 170 deposit options

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