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Benefits from our Investment Services

Here at Grand Capital, we always try to create outstanding trading conditions for both beginners and experienced traders. That is why we have launched PAMM and LAMM services so that both novices and professionals could benefit from trading with us. Learn more about each one of them and choose the one that fits you better.

About LAMM Accounts

Any trader can become a manager of a LAMM account. It is simple and does not require any additional investments. History of the manager’s LAMM account is displayed in the managers' rating. Individual investors, who usually are beginner traders, can study the rating and then choose the manager whose trades they would like to “copy”. The manager profits from the fee he/she sets for his/her services.

Account Profitability for the last 3 months Age
1 Magic Dragon:4398297 256.04% 69 days
2 MAX2000:4394892 232.52% 64 days
3 Sergey0503:682812 207.63% 178 days
4 3M3409:689156 172.87% 165 days
5 SlawaAmsterdam:4379617 113.11% 86 days
6 Natalya Lotos:208344 87.26% 1512 days
7 GodIsAbleR10K:701681 85.29% 138 days
8 IronMan 2 mini:562360 85.24% 528 days

About PAMM Accounts

PAMM is another type of a managed account. In this case, managers also form the rating, where investors can see the account’s weekly profit and decide whether to connect to it or not. Unlike LAMM account system, PAMM account requires that both the manager and investors allocate a certain amount of funds. The manager and investors form a pool of funds, which the manager uses to place trades. The profit is then distributed proportionally, according to the amount of funds each participant put in the pool.

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