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LAMM Investments

For Investors

The easiest way to start earning on Forex is by copying transactions of successful traders. Choose the manager in the rating and get the trading signals to ensure successful trading.

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For the Manager

Are you a successful Forex trader? Earn more by allowing other traders to "copy" your deals and receive commissions for the successful management.

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What are LAMM Accounts?

Any trader who feels confident trading on Forex can become a manager of a LAMM account. It is simple and does not require any additional investments. History of the manager’s LAMM account is displayed in the managers' rating. Individual investors, who usually are beginner traders, can study the rating and then choose the manager whose trades they would like to “copy”. The manager profits from the fee he/she sets for his/her services.

An investor can always check the manager’s actions in real-time.

This service benefits both managers and investors. The manager doesn't have to worry about the number of investors connected to the account as he/she only trades using own funds. The investor doesn’t transfer the funds to the manager's account, which ensures additional security.

Investors can independently specify the amount of funds and monitor every trade being copied. Moreover, the investor can connect the account to several managers to diversify the portfolio and minimize risks.


LAMM account is basically a new improved version of PAMM accounts. The main difference between LAMM and PAMM is a way of profit allocation and risk management capabilities.

PAMM - a percentage allocation management module; LAMM - a lot allocation management module.

Advantages of LAMM Accounts in Grand Capital

  • Investor's funds are not being transferred to the manager's account and remain on the investor's account the whole time.

  • An Investor can manage risks by setting the copying ratio.

  • An investor can disconnect from the manager's account or cancel a trade at any time.

  • The manager can choose the desirable type of reward: fixed fee or a certain percentage from the investor's profit.

  • The manager uses personal funds for trading.

  • All transactions are copied automatically.

Managers' rating

Account Profitability for the last 3 months Age
1 pham hung:4388681 503.88% 195 days
2 """ STABILNAYA PRIBYL""":4577500 478.47% 40 days
3 WISSARIUM:4383270 206.45% 456 days
4 GALINA 500:4495444 183.98% 59 days
5 RafalK:4461092 132.82% 323 days
6 Schneider_preciousmetal_invest:594092 92.01% 48 days
7 Aisha Is'haqu Mohammed:4428442 86.68% 347 days
8 AleksKon:4484340 82.11% 273 days

Best Manager

pham hung:4388681
For the last 3 months + 503.88%
For all time + 0.0%

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